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Having worked in the health and weight-loss industry for years, I am passionate about eating well for feeling great. We truly are what we eat. I know that for me personally, if I eat lots of chocolate, cereal, or sugary snacks, that I feel pretty much crap almost straight away or the next day (although feel great at the time!) and conversely, if I eat an abundance of fresh, wholesome, ‘real’ food, along with lots of oily fish, avocado, and seeds/nuts, then I have an extra spring in my step and feel pretty damn awesome (this is just a little bit about what works for me; however, we are all different and unique).

I am also passionate about: RUNNING! (and cheese jokes and terrible puns, but we’ll save that for our one-on-one consults!) I am a runner, a writer, and a fully qualified nutritionist and food scientist who specialises in diet analysis and weight-loss nutrition for runners. By joining ‘Lou’s Weight Online’ you will receive professional support and advice, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. By improving your diet or by focusing on great nutrition, you will be able to perform at your best. Hello new PB!

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Lou became a happy and healthy mum on the 13th of October 

Her daughter is Seren 


  • Brad

    When I started working with Louise I was comfortable running a half marathon but was 'hitting the wall' whenever I tried to push further, a problem which could only be overcome with the right nutrition and training plan. So when I set a goal to run the Sydney Marathon, I knew I would be needing the help of a professional. Being a Nutritionist and a Marathon/Ultra Marathon runner herself, Louise met the criteria. Lou put me on a 6-week program where I gained valuable advice and support that ensured I was ready on race day. My target time was 4 hours and I am pleased to say that I finished quicker at 3hrs 46mins. I had doubts that I would even be able to do this. And I can honestly say that working with Louise was a key factor in this achievement. Post marathon, I have continued to implement Louise’s advice and this has further improved my performance. My post-run recovery is much faster and smoother now and I have a greater understanding on how to fuel my body correctly. If anyone is seriously thinking about improving their diet either for sports performance or simply to feel healthier and happier than I cannot recommend Louise enough.
  • Sheena

    Louise's passion and expertise for real food and healthy lifestyle is very evident and what I value. Louise is professional, kind and practices her own beliefs. I have always felt that I have left a session with so much more knowledge & understanding of my diet, as well as easy lifestyle changes to put in place without any judgement.
  • Kirsten

    Louise is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and truly looks after her clients specific needs in a kind and professional way. I did the Jump into June challenge and she was very supportive and encouraging throughout the program. With the help of Louise, I was able to identify my nutrition and fitness goals a lot faster. 5 stars from me.
  • Mick

    I was referred to Louise in July 2015 from a friend of mine who has also used her services with terrific ongoing success. I'd made a decision to get fit and lose weight and know I needed some help and motivation to guide me, in particular with food choices. Since July I have lost a total of...14 Kilograms! I am also a runner and thanks to Lou my performance has improved due to making much better food choices specifically in regards to fuel and recovery. Not only is Lou my nutritionist but she also quickly became my friend. Lou is hugely motivating and supportive and steers you on the right track at all times. She has a knack for saying the right thing, at the right time. She makes you feel very comfortable.

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