2017: Master of Health Science, with Distinction (Alcohol and Other Drugs). The University of Newcastle.

2011: Bachelor of Health Science (Food and Nutrition). Charles Sturt University.

I am a ten times marathoner, few times ultramarathoner, countless half-marathoner nutritionist in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. My main focus is on REAL food for REAL results. Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your running recovery and/or performance: nutrition is key, first and foremost.

I hate fad diets and starvation/extreme approaches with a passion, and my work and philosophy centres around not banning or omitting any one food group (carbohydrates, for example, have such a notoriously bad reputation of late). It’s all about balance and moderation, and of eating the right foods for YOU!

Having worked in the health and weight-loss industry for years, I am passionate about eating well for feeling great. We truly are what we eat. I know that for me personally, if I eat lots of chocolate, cereal, or sugary snacks, that I feel pretty much crap almost straight away or the next day, and conversely, if I eat an abundance of fresh, wholesome, ‘real’ food, along with lots of oily fish, avocado, a variety of veggies and seeds/nuts, then I have an extra spring in my step and feel pretty damn awesome (this is just a little bit about what works for me; however, we are all different and unique).

I know we are all so busy these days though, that’s it hard to find the time to really plan out your ideal, healthy diet plan. That’s where I come in: I wanted to make things easy for people to be able to make small changes and start to feel better (and lose weight) without drastically changing their schedule or feeling overwhelmed.

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